Next time you decide you need a “new” website, consider professional WordPress website maintenance instead.

If your site is not working for you, or simply not working, then it may need only some expert care.  I like to think of professional WordPress website maintenance in terms of care plans because both you and your website visitors really benefit in the end. For example, pay attention to number 1 and 2 below.

First, take a look at all top ten reasons you should prioritize a monthly website care plan.

No. 10 – Keeping Current

WordPress, themes, and plug-ins, which make your website what it is, are regularly updated with new features or security measures. Otherwise, older, out of date versions are susceptible to breaking down, or worse, vulnerable to hackers.

No. 9 – Quick Response

Next, by monitoring Google crawl errors and finding broken links before Google finds them, we provide quick response and minimize the deterioration of your search engine standings.

No. 8 – Oversight

Likewise, we look for bugs or new problems that occasionally arise when plug-in updates introduce conflicts.

No. 7 – Security

We actively watch for security issues and provide steps to block hacking and sign-in attempts. (You don’t see this benefit of WordPress website maintenance, but it works for you!)

No. 6 – Confidence

Page loading speed is an important aspect of website optimization and user experience. We test performance and look for ways to improve it.

No. 5 – Safety

Just in case, it is always important to have current back-ups of your website. If your website hosting plan does not provide this, we install a regular website back-up procedure.

No. 4 – Feedback

Next, by installing Google Analytics we are able to monitor trends in your website traffic and the behavior of users on your site. Our observations help inform your future strategy decisions.

No. 3 – Constant Improvement

In a variety of aspects, we are constantly looking for ways to optimize your content, add new content, and internal or external links. Over time this constant improvement aspect of your WordPress website maintenance can produce a new website. Like shedding old skin!

No. 2 – Your Peace of Mind

When you know that you have a professional watching out for both problems and opportunities on your website, then you can focus on what you do best: running your business and serving your clients.

No. 1 – Your Customers’ Experience

Finally, the number one reason to maintain a healthy and productive website is for your website visitors–current clients and prospects who are learning about you. A clean, fully functioning website that portrays the advantages of your business in a professional manner finely targeted to the needs of your community leaves the best impression and makes everyone very happy.


Sometimes a website does not need to be rebuilt.  Perhaps some tender care in the form of professional WordPress website maintenance is all you need.

 We are happy to assess the situation, analyze the framework, and provide recommendations for tightening, refreshing, and making your website look new again.

We offer monthly website care packages and incremental website improvement plans.