Website Care Packages

Website Care Packages

Is Your Website Getting What It Needs to Grow?

Vision’s Website Care Packages Add Nutrition and New Business

Vision Website Care Packages are designed to maintain the health and productivity of your website.  Most people know that website maintenance is essential. On a baseline it is important to keep up with WordPress theme and plug-in updates, always looking for bugs and incompatibility introduced by the updates. We fix more than links and keep everything running smoothly.

Another layer of care is provided by site security vigilance and tweaks to keep things tight and intruders out.

Site intelligence powered by Google Analytics and interpreted in-house gives you data that reveals weak spots in your digital strategy and opportunities to exploit with new campaigns.

Search engine optimization is also a matter of constant observation and response.

Incremental Website Improvement services are rolled into all levels of our Website Care Packages.  We add and optimize content, create new links (internal and external), add new features and test others.  Depending on your strategic plan for the month (and the level of service) our team will create and implement steps designed to move a measurable needle, e.g. site visits, search results, onsite conversions, or other user behavior.

Basic Nutrition

Our baseline maintenance care package plan keeps your website healthy and functioning as it was designed to do.

  • daily backups
  • site security
  • site scanning for broken links or other bugs and breaches
  • updates as needed
  • up to 1 hour of  work requested by email

$88/month with a 12-month plan*

$102/month with a 6-month plan*

Let’s talk.

Metabolic Booster

It’s time to grow your business even more. Our booster care package gives you more insights and the ability to adjust for better results.

The Metabolic Booster includes all the services of Basic plus:

  • Monthly scheduled strategy planning and reporting sessions
  • Google Analytics with interpreted insights
  • SEO monitoring and response
  • Optimization of new content uploads (blog posts, videos, etc.)
  • up to two hours of work implementing the planned strategy

$209/month with 12-month contract*

$249/month with 6-month contract*

I’m ready to go.

Peak Performance

When you are ready to establish a winning strategy on all counts and want the maximum benefits from your website, we bring all the goods to the table.

Peak Performance includes all services of Basic and Booster packages plus:

  • Twice-monthly strategy planning and reporting sessions
  • Active SEO campaigns
  • Content Strategy and Creation
  • Social Media Content Integration
  • Service hours or unlimited package options

6- and 12-month contracts available*

We’re all in!

  • Based on approval. We examine every website submitted for a care package plan that we did not create ourselves.  Sites that are in disrepair or poorly constructed need extra attention before graduating to our care plans.