Are You Really Ready for a New Website?

We might like to build your new website. We also like being successful. I bet you do as well.  Ask yourself the following questions—be honest! We’ve learned the hard way that neither your business nor ours will be successful if you can’t answer an honest yes to these six questions.  If you have some a no or a maybe in there, maybe we can help you, but more than one firm no is a dealbreaker.

Do I Have Goals?

We are not kidding.  Do you have goals for your business? SMART goals are the best (Specific, Measurable, Actionable, Realistic, and Time-bound). If you don’t know where you’re going you’ll have no idea you’ve arrived if and when you get there. If you don’t have clear goals, or you’re not prepared to work with us to define them, then let’s not waste anyone’s time.

Do I Have the Passion to Grow?

Building an audience online is hard work and it takes time. Call it passion or call it grit, but that’s what it takes to see results over the long run. Are you willing to work persistently toward understanding your audience and stoking the flow of new business to your website?

The best web folks in the world can’t make up for your lack of passion and attention to make your new website and online strategies achieve results.

Do I Have the Budget?

If you really want to knock one out of the park, you’re going to need to invest some cash. That’s just the way it is. None of us can work for equity in your start-up and we don’t cut corners.

Having said that, we are not the most expensive option by any means. You don’t need to re-mortgage your house but you are going to need to treat this as an investment and if you do everything we suggest, you’ll get a positive return.

Do I Have an Audience?

Building an audience through blogging, podcasting, interviews, white papers, presentations, public speaking, and education is the only way to organically generate new customers online (it’s also 62% the cost of paid advertising or PPC). If you don’t already have an audience you should be prepared to build one.

Do I Have a Team to Support Me?

If you are a solo professional, don’t panic at this question.  A team could be as simple as a virtual assistant to help out a few hours a week or you can “hire” a full-fledged content production team through an agency such as ours. Either way, you’re going to need help. If you have in-house marketing or sales staff, we can help train them for the specific requirements of your online marketing.  But if you plan to do it all yourself or not follow-through on the full strategy, we just might not be the right fit.

Do I Have the Time?

If we work together we will need your 100% undivided attention when we are meeting on the project. This might sound obvious for those who intend to be polite, but it’s unfortunately not a given. If you don’t have time to follow through on the requests for information, to review, provide feedback or approve work in a timely fashion, we should part ways now.


If this doesn’t frighten you, then we just might be right for each other.  Hit the apply now button below.


Ready for your new website?

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